What To Know About Wheel Balancing

Your wheels and tires are the legs of your car. They require maintenance and care, and one item it needs is wheel balancing. Wheel balancing allows for a smooth and flawless ride.


When you buy new tires for your car, they aren’t perfectly round, and their weight isn’t properly distributed. They can be lighter in certain spots and heavier in others. When wheels aren’t properly balanced, they can cause uneven and shaky rides. 


Tires that are not balanced can cause a number of problems. The real cost is accelerated tire wear, which will make you replace your tires sooner than you think. Additionally, your suspension can suffer from damage.


At Euro Car Tech, we can replace, mount, and balance your tires. Vibrations can be eliminated by spinning the wheels and evenly distributing the weight of each wheel. To do this, we apply small weights to offset the heavier spots. 


Over the life of your vehicle, you may hit a few potholes, construction plates, curbs, or other obstacles. When you do this, the weights can fall off. Not to mention, hitting these things can knock your wheels out of alignment and damage your tires, suspension, wheel bearings, and more. As a result, you may need to have your wheels rebalanced.


Too many drivers neglect proper tire maintenance. Wheel balancing is especially overlooked. We recommend checking your wheel balance once every year or every two years. At Euro Car Tech, we can help you ensure your drives are smooth, comfortable, and safe. If you need wheel balancing service in Arlington, TX, please call or visit Euro Car Tech.