Tire & Brake Repairs & Replacements

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Euro Car Tech is your one stop auto repair shop for all European, American & Japanese made vehicles. From under the hood, to under the car, we can fix it all. When it comes to the components under the car, such as your tires and brakes, it is important to have these things in safe condition while driving. Ensure you and other on the road are safe. If you need any of the following, please visit our shop.

  • Brake replacement
  • Tire rotation & balancing
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tire repair or replacement

Fun Fact About TPMS Warning Lights

Did you know when your tire light goes off, the indication is the tire pressure is 25% under inflated the recommended psi. For instance, if the recommended tire pressure is 32 psi and your tire light is on, then the current pressure is 24 psi or lower.