What Does It Mean For An Engine to Misfire?

A properly functioning vehicle is a result of your engine's multiple, closely-held parts working harmoniously and effectively. If there is any flaw in the engine operation, your car's performance will decline. An engine misfire is one of the many issues arising due to poor engine performance.


The Basics On How Your Engine Works

To understand the ins and outs of a misfiring engine, you must understand the standard processes of a car engine. Most modern cars run on a 4-stroke combustion cycle. The four steps are:

  1. Intake - Upward displacement of pistons to allow the air and gas inside the cylinder.
  2. Compression - A mixture of gas and air is compressed together.
  3. Combustion- The air and fuel are ignited to push the piston and produce bursts of power.
  4. Exhaust - An ejection of engine byproducts is produced from the combustion process in the form of gases.

A repetition of these steps results in the engine power of your car, SUV, or truck. The power is carried to your wheels to move your vehicle.


As you now know, a car engine has to go through a perfectly-timed series of steps to run efficiently. An impediment to these steps, such as a misfire, may cause a sudden jerking movement, loud noise, gasoline smell, or black exhaust smoke from the tailpipe. An engine misfire can also cause your check engine light to blink and increase fuel consumption.


What Can Cause Engine Misfires?

Faults that can evoke misfiring include deficiencies in the ignition system, fuel system, or mechanical wear and tear of engine parts.

  • Ignition system problems include faulty spark plugs, worn ignition coils, or defective coils.
  • Fuel system problems can include a bad fuel pump, a clogged fuel filter, or a cracked vacuum hose.
  • Mechanical issues include worn-out piston rings, damaged valves, aging timing belts, or a cylinder wall defect.

All in all, engine misfires can cause irreversible damage to your engine and its parts if you overlook them. It is essential that you take your misfiring vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop, like Euro Car Tech, for the necessary inspections and repairs. We are a full-service auto repair shop that specializes in European makes. If you require engine repairs in Arlington, TX, we invite you to call or visit Euro Car Tech today!