4 Different Filters Every Car Needs

A filter is defined as "a permeable device for blocking out impurities or contaminants before allowing liquid or gas to pass through". Did you know that your car relies on filters? In fact, there are four different filters you should know about. Over time, these devices wear down and become less effective at doing their jobs. Here are the four essential filters in your vehicle that need to be changed regularly:

Oil Filters

Oil filter changes usually occur at every other oil change, so you don't have to worry about it as much. Your engine oil can pick up a lot of dirt, dust, and even metal after miles and miles of wear. The oil filter blocked out harmful impurities to ensure a clean flow of motor oil. Having it changed on time will reduce the wear and tear on your engine components.

Engine Air Filters

Whereas the oil filter ensures clean liquid flow, the engine air filter enables clean air to flow. This particular device blocks out dust, debris, bugs, and other external contaminants that can hurt the engine's operation. Having this changed regularly will increase your engine power, improve performance, and better fuel economy. If you often drive in polluted environments or frequently through heavy traffic, you may need to replace it more often.

Cabin Air Filters

Your and your passenger's lungs need to breathe fresh air too. This is where the cabin air filter comes in. This item decreases the amount of dust, smoke, pollen, and other irritating odors from polluting the passenger cabin. Typically, this filter needs to be changed every 15,000-25,000 miles, but you should replace it more if your area has high pollen levels.

Fuel Filters

The fuel filter extracts contaminants from the fuel before it gets pumped and moved to the engine for combustion. The fuel filter typically lasts the longest among all other filters, but you still track when it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it can hurt your fuel pump and other fuel system components. Furthermore, it could lower your fuel economy and decrease overall performance. 


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