10 Maintenance Items to Take Care of during Fall Car Care Month

Fall is finally here, and next month is Fall Car Care Month. With September coming to a close, the team at Euro Car Tech is pleased to announce that we are ready to take care of all your Autumn car maintenance needs. If you own a European vehicle that needs some TLC, bring your vehicle to our auto service shop in Arlington, TX today.


When you implement good practices and preventative care for your vehicle, it will take care of you in return. Whether you’re going pumpkin-picking, trick-or-treating, tailgating, or simply to work, you’re going to need a reliable ride. To help your car stay on the road this season, follow these 10 maintenance tips for fall! 

  1. Check and top off all your car’s essential fluids, including engine oil, power steering, brake, antifreeze, transmission, and windshield washer fluid.
  2. Look at your hoses and belts for signs of wear and tear (cracking, fraying, or looseness). If they look deteriorated, it may be best to replace them sooner than later.
  3. Run the heater to make sure they work. Before you know it, you’ll be ditching the A/C for the heat. Make sure your vehicle is equipped to shoot warm air out its vents so that you and your passengers can stay comfy and cozy.
  4. Test the defrosters. While you’re checking your heat, make sure the defrosters work too. Morning frost is common this time of year.
  5. Check the battery for a proper charge. Additionally, your battery connection points should be clean and free of corrosion to ensure an adequate amount of electricity flows through the component.
  6. Ensure the braking system is healthy too handle smooth and effective stops. At Euro Car Tech, we can evaluate all your brake components including the brake pads, rotors, drums, calipers, and more.
  7. Monitor your vehicle’s tires. First, start by checking its tread wear for any signs of unusual patterns. They should be at least 2/32 of an inch to be considered safe to drive on. Follow it up with a pressure check. When your tires are properly inflated, it ensures even wear and optimal efficiency.
  8. Replace windshield wipers every 6 to 12 months. If it has been longer, they are probably no longer sufficient to clear off your windshield.
  9. Get a tune-up to ensure your engine is burning a balanced mixture of air and fuel.
  10. Walk around and test all your car lights, including the headlights, flashers, turn signals, brake lights, tail lights, fog lights, etc.

If you need help taking care of your vehicle this fall, please do not hesitate to call the certified mechanics at Euro Car Tech.